FAQ & Tips




  • What are your hours?
    • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our office is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, and Saturday ’til noon by appointment.

  • Where are you guys located?
    • Our address is 1721 Lincoln Highway East, New Haven, IN 46774, here’s the map.
    • If you are coming from the East on US 30, you will turn right on Minnich Rd., where the road “T”s into Lincoln Highway/Dawkins rd., turn left, our office & lot is on the right hand side, gigantic white fence, can’t miss it!

  • What form of payment do you guys accept?
    • Robinson’s accepts cash, debit card and credit card. We do not accept Personal Checks.

  • My car was impounded / in an accident, do you guys have it?
    • Robinson’s works impound and accidents for the Allen County Sheriff’s Department for the East side of Allen County, as well as New Haven Police Department, Woodburn Police Department, and (by the officer’s discretion) Indiana State Police. If you think your vehicle is with us, give us a call and we will let you know if we have it, and what you will need to bring with you.

  • Do you guys work on lawnmowers/ cars?
    • Woah, woah woah! That’s two questions:
      • Robinson’s Wrecker Service used to be Robinson’s Tow ‘n’ Turf. That is no longer the case. We do not sell or service lawnmowers, lawnmower blades, or parts. Sorry!
      • Robinson’s does, however, have a new addition known as Robinson’s Auto Body that does do mechanical service & body repair to most makes and models of cars, trucks & SUVs. Check out our website & the feed on this page!

  • What types of trucks does Robinson’s use?
    • Robinson’s current fleet for Light services (standard tows & roadside services) is comprised of both medium-duty flatbed wreckers (vehicle on a bed, completely off the ground with wheel lift on back for second vehicle, rear tires on road) and light-duty hook wreckers (vehicle on wheel lift, rear tires on road). For most standard tows, we use flatbeds. Our hook wreckers are mostly used for vehicle recovery (ditches, embankments) and over-height or over-length vehicles.
    • Our complete list of Heavy Services equipment in action can be seen on our Heavy Services page HERE

  • How far do you guys go?
    • We go to all surrounding cities & states. Ohio, Michigan and even Illinois! We will go absolutely anywhere for a customer, just ask!

  • Like, seriously, I’m on my way to Indianapolis, will you guys take me and my car there?
    • Yep!

  • Really though, I know its a long way and it will cost me a fortune, but will you guys do that?
    • Yes it is, its not that bad, and yes, yes we will!

  • What if I call you guys, but then my car starts before you get there?
    • When this happens, we ask that you call and cancel the tow, there will be no charge. If, however, we are already there and it starts just fine, we do charge a “show-up” fee of $35 plus mileage. Its unfortunate, but these trucks take a bunch of fuel and maintenance to keep on the road, and that helps to recoup our loss of the tow. (Also, we always recommend taking it to the shop anyways because the car isn’t fixed, it just decided to work; there is a reason it wouldn’t start.)

  •  Do you guys do private property tows/private repossessions?
    • Robinson’s does private tows if the property has posted “no parking” signs and has informed Robinson’s of their intent to have cars removed from their property by us beforehand. No, we can’t move your neighbor’s car because he’s in your spot. Go talk to him. Use your words.
    • Robinson’s does do repossessions with valid paperwork and write-ups.




TIPS for breakdowns & accidents


  • If you see a Tow truck on the side of the road, whether you see the driver or not, (Especially if you can’t see the driver!) please move over or slow waaaay down. Your quick thinking and small inconvenience could mean our lives.

  • If your car breaks down and you are over the fog line ( which is considered obstruction of a public roadway), it might get towed. If you can’t get someone to help you push it out of the way to wait for a tow truck, call the local authorities. They will dispatch a tow truck immediately, and usually dispatch an officer to wait with you to keep you safe and let other drivers aware of the vehicle.

  • If your vehicle is involved in an accident, try to leave the ignition key with the vehicle. It makes recovery & loading/unloading a ton easier on your vehicle and our trucks.

  • If your vehicle is involved in an accident and you are unsure of where you are going to have your vehicle fixed, it is generally best policy to have it go back to our lot. The only reason we recommend this is due to the upfront costs; if it goes to your house, you are responsible for the full-price tow & clean-up fees upon delivery of the vehicle, as well as a second tow for when the vehicle is taken to a shop. It is entirely up to you, but that is our recommendation.

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